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China JIMA Aluminum

JIMA Aluminum

Jima Copper is a professional supplier of high-precision copper and copper alloy series of foil roll brand. Jima provided 4-800μm thick copper foil, Maximum width 1580 mm, Jima copper foil production capacity is sufficient, with complete varieties, excellent quality. Jima specializes in the research, development, promotion and application of new technology of rolling copper foil, and it is equipped with a research center of rolling copper foil engineering technology. Jima copper can stably provide various specifications of high-precision flat foil (hard foil, soft foil, semi-hard foil, etc.) and surface treatment foil (red dumb copper foil, black dumb copper foil, high corrosion resistance rolled copper foil, etc.). The products are widely used in electromagnetic shielding, heat dissipatio...

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