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YH75 Super Hard Aluminum Mold Plate T651 T652 Corrosion Resistance

YH75 Super Hard Aluminum Mold Plate T651 T652 Corrosion Resistance

  • High Light

    Super Hard Aluminum Mold Plate


    Aluminum Mold Plate T651


    Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Mold Plate

  • Application
    Automotive Injection Plastic Moulds, Tooling ,Fixtures
  • Shape
  • Name
    YH75 Super Hard Aluminum Alloy Moulds Plate,Aluminum Mold Plate T651 T652
  • Alloy
  • Temper
    T651 T652
  • Feature
    Super Hard Aluminum Alloy
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    JIMA Aluminum
  • Certification
    IRIS,ISO9001,ISO 14001,Aerospace Grade AS9100.
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    wooden pallet
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    T/T, L/C
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    1000 per month

YH75 Super Hard Aluminum Mold Plate T651 T652 Corrosion Resistance

Products Item:


alloy :  YH75;HB:155~165HB


YH75 Aluminum Feature 


It's a cold-handling forging alloy with high strength. YH75 is one of the commercial high strength alloys. has corrosion resistance


 Application :  mould, combination die, mold frame, mechanical arm, fixture


YH75 Chemical Composition

Range Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Each total Aluminum
Min. - - 1.2 - 2.1 0.18 5.5 - - Remainder
Max. 0.4 0.58 2.0 0.3 2.9 0.25 6.5 0.05 0.15


YH75 Aluminum plate specifications

Tensile Strength


Yield Strength




470~540 300~330 5~15




Alloy Series TypIcial Alloy Typcial Tempe







- YH75

T651 T652

4~12 1000~2600 2000-24000


YH75 12~260 1000~3800 2000~38000


Advantage and Service


We always hold available materials in stock in 5000MT, Such as 2 series,5series ,6series and 7series alloy ,Size can be cut into as per request.

So We can provide big support for small quantity and the fast delivery .




1) Strength of super hard aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy strength)

2) Light weight: approx. 3/1 of Steel

3) Suitable for die, die aluminum combination mold, such as repeated disassembly of the load-bearing use

4) Good heat conduction performance (about twice times that of steel)

5) Excellent cutting performance, discharge processability: (about 3 times times the steel)

6) Processing deformation suppression treatment: t651,t652

7) Surface roughness: flat, smooth

8) High precision: plate thickness tolerance fine and width length tolerances can be cut according to customer requirements 9) Flatness: High Leveling


 Aluminum alloy Manufacturing Mold characteristics:

1, material uniformity is good: heat treatment technology excellence, products in 300 ℃ thickness (diameter) below, strength, hardness is basically consistent;

2, high surface accuracy, reduce material waste

3, good processing performance: the chemical composition, strength and hardness of the deviation reduced to small, processing to eliminate the ' sticky knife ', ' Breaking knife ' phenomenon;

4, high-speed machining, almost no deformation: perfect pre-tensile (T651) process treatment, completely eliminate internal stress, in processing and stress is not easy to warp, cracking and deformation; 5, material density is good: unique grain refinement process to ensure that there is no Chacon, stripes, bubbles and impurities; 6, high temperature resistance: in 400 ℃ Deformation does not occur in the working environment

YH75 Super Hard Aluminum Mold Plate T651 T652 Corrosion Resistance 0