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Truck Hub Aluminium Forged Products Billet AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW 2024

Truck Hub Aluminium Forged Products Billet AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW 2024

  • High Light

    billet aluminum bar stock


    billet premium aluminium

  • Application
    Truck Hub, Ordnance, Railway Vehicles, Machine Structure
  • Name
    Forging 2024 Aluminum
  • Standard
  • Type
    Casting Forging
  • Technics
    Forge, CNC
  • Alloy
    2024 AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW-2024
  • Temper
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden pallet
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    10000MT per month

Truck Hub Aluminium Forged Products Billet AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW 2024

AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW-2024 Super Duralumin alloy Billet forging 2024 aluminum for truck hub


Forging 2024 aluminum Quickly details

  1.   Alloy :2024 AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW-2024
  2.   Main characteristics and scope of application: it is a kind of high strength aluminum, heat treatment can be improved, after quenching and tempering condition plastic medium, spot welding welding is good, you have the tendency of intergranular crack formation with gas welding, alloy after quenching and cold work hardening its cutting performance is good, can be low machinability: after annealing corrosion resistance is not high, often by adopting the method of anodic oxidation treatment and paint or surface plus package aluminum layer to improve its corrosion resistance. USES is mainly used for making all kinds of high load of parts and components (but not including stamping parts forgings) such as plane frame parts, rigging, bulkhead, ribs, SPAR, rivets and other working parts under 150 ℃.
  3.   Temper: T6 or T852: High tensile strength and yield point, good ductility and machinability, forging good performance.
  4.   Temper F: Large cross-section forgings in the condition of F temper can be processing, heat treatment, high strength, less distortion.
  5.   Max diameter: 1320mm.
  6.   Max length : 7500mm.
  7.   Normal size:Φ166,Φ220,Φ380,Φ396,Φ448,Φ462,Φ566,Φ582,Φ915,Φ1060,Φ1220,Φ1320

2024 aluminum Mechanical properties:

tensile strength of sigma (MPa) b) 390 or higher

Conditions to yield strength sigma (MPa) 0.2) 245 or higher

Sample size: all the wall thickness


2024 aluminum alloy Features:

Large specification :the produced billetφ1320mm is the largest billet in the world.

The max : weight of the billet up to 12.5 ton.

High purity : low hydrogen, low dross, low alkali content inside the ingot .

high-homogeneity : composition & organization, Small degree of segregation.small grain

size difference between core and surface.

Fine grain size.

Availability of product with the hydrogen content ≤0.08ML/100gAl.

Availability of product with porosity at class one .

Availability of product with oxidation film at the class one.

Availability of product with ultrasonic flaw detection at level A.


Forging 2024 aluminum Application:

Airplane, truck hub, ordnance, railway vehicles, machine structure


2024 aluminum chemical composition

Cu Mg Mn Fe Si Zn Ti Cr Other Al
3.8-4.9 1.2-1.8 0.3-0.9 0.5 0.5 0.25 0.15 0.1 <0.2 Balance


Package: wooden pallet


Aluminium forging alloy & forging product size.

   Alloy 2xxx​ Products size



Max. length




Φ166 7500
Φ220 7500
Φ380 7500
Φ396 7500
Φ448 7500
Φ462 7500
Φ566 7500
Φ582 7500



Φ915 4500
Φ1060 4000
Φ1220 4000
Φ1320 3500

Remark:1. Billet peeling is available.

Aluminium forging alloy & forging product application

Alloy forging product application
2024 Airplane, truck hub, ordnance, railway vehicles, machine structure



AIMS 03-02-004

ABM 1-1005

IR 9048
AMS 4035

AMS 4037

AMS 4041

AMS 4462




BS 2 L.97
BS 2 L.98



DAN 422

EN 2419


SMS 3204

TH 5.312

WL 3.1354


Forging 2024 aluminum truck hub use photos:


Truck Hub Aluminium Forged Products Billet AlCu4Mg1 A2024 EN AW 2024 0